The many changes faced by energy network distributors today bring a variety of new demands. Bi-directional grid in-feeds, ageing network infrastructure as well as loss of skilled technical and operational human resources puts operational pressure on the grid in a growing marketplace. 

Locamation assists power distributors with intelligent solutions to manage these challenges by providing them with smarter tools to control, monitor and maintain a sustainable, affordable and reliable grid

Following Offerings are supported: 

  • Substation Automation
    • SAS2000 for high voltage
    • SASensor HMV for primary substations
    • SASensor MLV for secondary substations
  • Active Distribution Networks
    • Advanced Monitoring
    • Active Network Management
    • Distributed Intelligence & Microgrids
  • Open Platform Partnership
    • own algorithm integration
    • white label use of hard- and software


Locamation B.V.

Colosseum 11

7521 PV Enschede - Netherlands